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About Us

Elite Home Care of Florida is a skilled private duty home health care agency that is taking a different approach to home health. Our specific focus is helping patients in the community that have been involved in a personal injury or accident. We provide care to these patients in their home, work, or other medical facilities that are needing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and CNA/home health aides.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Elite Home Care of Florida is to provide comprehensive, high quality homecare services to our patients by creating strong partnerships with their families, case managers, discharge planners and physicians. We believe in creating a team of caring professionals whose goal is the care and support of our patients.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries are injuries inflicted on a person's body due to someone else's negligence. Most personal injuries in the Tampa Bay area are vehicle related and involve the patient pursuing a personal injury law suit. When a person enters in a personal injury law suit medical care is handled differently. Most health insurances will not approve or pay for certain services if the person is involved in a personal injury accident. This then falls on the patient to pay out of pocket for service or work with agencies that will work on letters of protection.

We accept most major health insurance plans, workers comp, cash pay, care credit, and work with your attorneys and take letter of protections LOPs.

It’s very challenging to find a facility that offers physical therapy in addition to the Chiropractic care. In Florida 80% of the chiropractors do not offer any type of physical therapy in their offices which forces the patient to go to a separate facility. With our service we will be able to work with doctor and medical facilities that don't offer therapy. This will be beneficial for the patients time and care as they are more likely to stay on track with treatments and our therapists are able to communicate better with other treating providers.

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